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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Belated introduction

I know it is customary to introduce yourself when you start a new blog, but I was so caught up in my first topic, the intro just had to wait.  So here goes:

Mea Culpa

First, I suppose the title isn't quite accurate.  In fact, it is probably backwards, but it is much more interesting the way I wrote it, so there it stays.  The relevant point will be that there are many common experiences, and I intend to share them, hopeful that seeing spiritual principles played out in real life will demystify some of the not-necessarily-so-obvious aspects of living a spiritual life in a physical world.


I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I could further delineate that be denomination or theological perspective, but, especially for purposes here, that information is largely irrelevant.  I have my bases covered, though.  I was baptized as an infant, confirmed as an adolescent, born-again as a young adult, and baptized again soon thereafter.  (Leaving my poor parents thoroughly confused.  I believe I told them "It just didn't take the first time")  I have been a Bible student and teacher for more years than I'm willing to confess to strangers and am considered thoroughly proficient and gifted by the Holy Spirit by those who have heard me teach.  I am not a biblical scholar.  I'm not opposed to scholarship, God simply hasn't made that path open to least not yet.

Weight Loss

I've always been heavy.  I remember as a kid, I would be shown to the "husky" section.  I'm pretty sure that term is reserved for dogs now, but it described my clothing as a child.  I wasn't huge.  Just a little bigger than normal.  After high school I enlisted in the Navy because I wanted to serve and they had the highest weight limit, and they didn't march onto fields of battle.  I didn't want to end up someplace like Vietnam (which I heard about for my entire childhood on the nightly news).  And I was too heavy for the Air Force.  That's a bit cynical, I know.  Make your judgements as you please, but if you didn't wear any of our nation's uniforms, I don't really care much what you think about that.  I managed to hold my weight for those few years, without really ever becoming fit (what a difference fitness would have made).

Marriage was a whole new experience for me weight-wise.  For my dear wife (DW) as well.  Over the next two decades, I managed to pack on about 280 pounds above my maximum "healthy" weight.  DW did much better.  She also gained weight, but not nearly as much.  She also gave birth to three children, an experience I obviously didn't have.  To the chagrin of thin people all around me, my blood pressure and blood sugar were always textbook perfect, but other aspects of my health were not so excellent.  I developed a serious case of sleep apnea, frightening DW horribly, until I finally sought out treatment.  I also wore out the cartilage in both my knees, being reduced to walk sparingly, and then with a cane.  Well, more of that story follows.

The Meeting of the Minds

I have the good fortune to facilitate a small group bible study.  Recently, I've found that many of my practical examples in the study come from my own weight loss experience.  And, that's what leads to the theme of this blog.  I have found the correlations very helpful, if only minutely profound, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to "think out loud", and, hopefully find some kindred spirits.